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Journal of Channel and Retailing. Vol. 25, No. 1, 2020

Research article
The Effect of Weather Discomfort and Shopping Preference on Retail Store Visits*
날씨불쾌감과 쇼핑선호도가 소매점 선택에 미치는 영향*
J. Channel Retail. 2020;25(1):1-25.
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The Impact of Sequential Introduction of Multi-tier Private Brand on Product Category Design: Focused on Context Effects
계층적 유통업체 브랜드의 순차적 도입이 제품군 디자인에 미치는 영향: 맥락효과를 중심으로
J. Channel Retail. 2020;25(1):27-53.
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The Differential Effects of Department Store Transaction Characteristics on the Supplier’s Perceived Justice in Department Store-Supplier Relationship
백화점과 공급업체의 거래관계에서 백화점 거래특성이 공급업체의 지각된 거래공정성에 미치는 차별적 영향
J. Channel Retail. 2020;25(1):55-75.
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The influence of Perceived External Prestige on Organizational Citizenship and Dysfunctional Behavior: Focused on the Stressors
기업의 외부 평판이 직원의 조직시민행동과 불량행동에 미치는 영향: 스트레스 요인에 따른 차이를 중심으로*
J. Channel Retail. 2020;25(1):77-100.
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Policy article
A Study on Differential Effects of Large Retailers on Local Economies: Changes in the Numbers of Establishments and Workers*
대규모유통업체의 출점이 지역경제에 미치는 영향: 사업체수와 종사자수를 중심으로*
J. Channel Retail. 2020;25(1):101-125.
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