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Journal of Channel and Retailing. Vol. 27, No. 4, 2022

Research article
The Effect of Product Type and Desire for Control on Consumers’ Autonomous Shopping System Adoption Intention
제품유형과 통제욕구가 소비자의 자율쇼핑 시스템 채택의향에 미치는 영향
J. Channel Retail. 2022;27(4):1-22.
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Comparative Analysis of User Characteristics of C2C e-Commerce Platform
개인 간 거래 플랫폼 이용자 특성에 대한 비교분석
J. Channel Retail. 2022;27(4):23-38.
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A Study on the Effect of Salesperson’s Adaptive Selling Behavior on Customer Equity and Customer Loyalty in the Distribution Channel of Industrial Goods - Focused on the Moderating Effects of Consultative Selling Competency
산업재 유통경로에서 영업사원의 적응적 판매행동이 고객자산과 고객충성도에 미치는 영향: 자문적 영업역량의 조절효과
J. Channel Retail. 2022;27(4):39-61.
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An Exploratory Study on the Visit Characteristics and the Positioning Map of a Trading Area: The Procedural Application of Correspondence Analysis and Multidimensional Scaling Analysis
상권 방문특징과 상권 포지셔닝 맵에 대한 탐색적 연구: 대응일치분석과 다차원척도법의 절차적 적용
J. Channel Retail. 2022;27(4):63-93.
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